Safe Welcome at Westvale Starts on September 15th!

Dear Westvale families & Visitors,

In December 2012 the Provincial Government announced its intention to enhance security measures in elementary schools across Ontario.  The Safe Welcome Initiative involves the locking of all doors in elementary schools.  Implementation of this initiative will happen across Waterloo Region this year.  We start this program effective on Monday September 15, 2014.  All visitors (parents, vendors and central Board staff) to elementary schools will access the main doors to the school using an intercom system.  This system integrates the needs of before/after school programs and our Childcare program.

A sign will occasionally be posted on the front door when access may be delayed.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this new program.   We understand that this is new to our community and we will all need to work together collaboratively as this initiative is implemented.  If you have any questions about this feel free to see Mr. Alexander.