Ontario public school students learn French as part of their comprehensive education.  By learning another language, your child has the opportunity to study other cultures and may have more career opportunities in the future.

We are proud to offer two pathways for students learning French who wish to increase their French language proficiency. Beginning in Grade 1, all students will have access to French-language programs through either the Core French or French Immersion programs.

Core French

As part of the regular Ontario curriculum, Core French is taught to all students in our elementary and secondary schools from Grades 1 through 9. In Grades 10 through 12, students may choose to continue studying French by selecting one Core French course per year. Students learn the French language by speaking, reading and writing.

Goal: Offer French instruction for part of the school day so that your child has the confidence to use French in simple daily situations and conversations.

French Immersion


Students enrolled in French Immersion participate in a program that offers 50 per cent of their day in French. In Grades 1 through 6, the subjects taught in French are French Language, Math, Social Studies and of Visual Arts, Music or Physical Education. In Grades 7 and 8, the subjects taught in French are French language, Geography, History, Visual Arts and Health and Physical Education. If your child completes French Immersion from Grades 1 through 8, they will be eligible to enroll in either Extended or Immersion French in high school.

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