We have just received notification that ALL elementary students MUST show verification that a parent has completed the COVID Screening form on their behalf each morning from September 7th – 17th (the first 2 weeks of school).  Please see the WRDSB announcement that was just posted on the WRDSB website about this.  We would ask for your partnership in communicating with your child’s teacher each morning at drop off time that the screening has been completed.  This can happen though the completion of the paper pdf form (see link to form in WRDSB announcement or here.) that you can send with your child.  Alternatively, you could give verbal confirmation to the teacher if you’ve forgotten to complete the pdf form.  Staff will also have extra paper copies of the screening verification with them on the yard.  In order to make our first couple of weeks of school as smooth as possible in the morning, we’d ask that you remember to send some communication with your child that the screening has been completed.  Thank you so much!