For those students returning – welcome back! To our new families joining us for the first time, welcome to the neighbourhood.

School begins on September 7 at 9:00 a.m. Our staff will greet students to begin our new school year at the back of the school.

To comply with privacy legislation, class lists will no longer be posted on the outside windows or doors of your child’s school. At your convenience starting September 4 and throughout the weekend, you will be able to determine your child’s homeroom teacher using School-Day. When you log into your account, click “Schools and Groups” on the blue left hand side menu, then click “Your Classes.” This will show the classes and groups your child is linked to within our school. Homeroom names are in the form of for example 1/2A, 1A-FI, 3/4C-FI, ISP, or ACE.

Once you have determined the homeroom, you can find the name of the homeroom teacher using the following list:

Core French:

1/2A Mrs. Coombs Rm 7

1/2B Mrs. Tastula Rm 2

3/4A Mrs. Quinton Rm 9

3/4B Ms. Hambleton Rm 6

5/6A Mr. Bailey Rm 18

5/6B Mrs. Julian Rm 15

French Immersion:

1A-FI Mme Parkinson Rm 1

2/3A-FI Mme Cloet Rm 5

2A-FI Miss Seergobin Rm 4

3/4C-FI Mrs. Theodosiou Rm 17

4/5A-FI Mme Beddoe Rm 16

5/6A-FI Mme Moser Rm 12

Special Education:

ACE Mrs. Puzak Rm 13

ISP Mr. Miller Rm 14


K1 Ms. Baranyai/ Miss Meyers Rm 10

K2 Mrs. Atchison/Mrs. Whiteside Rm 11

K3 Mrs. Hahn/Ms. Milne Rm 23

We are very excited to begin the new school year. See you September 7!